Some Alternatives to LogMeIn

Business professionals everywhere have been using the remote access service LogMeIn for years, but they have now  just announced that  consumers must pay for access. The service allows users to manage and access devices from any location allowing people to work at home or work and still have full access to their machines. LogMeIn has offered the remote access service for the past couple of years with free packages and premium packages available.

However, they just announced that there will no longer be a free package available and instead the cheapest level of access is $49 per month or $299 per year

Not only is this a steep rise for those who have relied on this free service, it is also unnecessary for a high proportion of LogMeIn’s customers.  Most users simply use the remote access service from work to access files on their home PC, or a different device, and vice versa.  With this in mind, there is no need for these less commercial customers to be paying for the use of up to 100 computers.

Here are three similar alternative services, which are much more affordable:


ShowMyPC provide Remote Access Services for Windows, allowing shared folders and file and folder transfers.  To install on 1 PC this service is just $5 per month, and the price in relation to number of computers goes up gradually and is as low as $2/Month/PC.  Remote screens can also be viewed from Apple and Android devices through an app, allowing individuals to access their PCs from various locations, and even on the move. ShowMyPC also offers self-hosted Private Plans , where users can access and support unlimited PCs with a low one-time cost. Private lifetime plans start at $220.

Ammyy Admin

This is a remote access desktop service provider whose pricing is slightly different as they only offer a one off license rather than a subscription paid monthly or yearly.  However, they require every single PC involved in the sharing process to have a license, which could be quite costly for large businesses.  There are different services ranging from starter to corporate, and the price for 1 PC ranges from $33.90-$99.90.


This is another desktop sharing solution providing remote access services . However, their pricing model is less flexible- similar to Ammyy- since they only offer a one off lifetime license starting at a steep $749/license.

So, before surrendering the fees to LogMeIn be sure to shop around the web for similar services.  There are plenty out there, all slightly different but mostly offering the same, unlimited remote access to PCs wherever you are.

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