The benefits of SAAS for HR practitioners

If you are running a HR department, you will already understand just how complex things can be. There is a huge amount to think about. Add to that the fact that the goals and tasks of the HR department are in a constant state of flux and it can be hard to stay on top of everything that needs to be done.

When employment, income tax or health and safety laws change, the HR department has to interpret those changes and help management to adapt to those changes. The HR team also has to track and manage compliance. Something similar happens when firms change their employee terms and conditions, open up branches and recruit in new parts of the world or expand and change how they work.

Keeping track of everything is difficult and arduous, and all that information has to be easily available. That is why most firms now use software to help them to manage their HR functions. Using HR software saves time, and ensures that processes are mapped in detail. It also provides a road map and checking process that everyone can access and follow.

When it comes to HR software, there are two choices – in house software or SaaS, which stands for Software as a Service. If you are currently using in house HR software here are a few reasons it makes sense for you to switch to a SaaS service instead.
No maintenance
The first reason is that you are not responsible for keeping the software up to date and adjusting it to take into account changes in employment regulations. The service provider does all that for you.

There is no need to waste time updating the system either. Again, the service provider does all of that for you.
The latest technology saves you time
The HR SaaS marketplace is a very competitive one. This means that those firms who provide HR SaaS are constantly improving their products.

They work hard to make sure that you do not end up entering the same data in several different places. Because most in house HR systems have evolved it is common for several different software packages to be in use in one HR department. This often means entering the same data like employee name, number, address and position across multiple packages.
Better reports
Because all of the data for an employee is held in one place on a SaaS system, it is far easier to produce high quality management reports. Many in house systems require you to call off several different reports to be able to access the data you need. This is time consuming as well as wasteful.
Free access to HR expertise
There is little point in gathering and maintaining employee data if you do not use it. When you use a SaaS provider, you get access to training to show you how to get the most out of the data that you hold on your employees. This helps you to manage costs, absenteeism and other aspects of your business more effectively.

If you are still using in house HR software it really is worth your while considering a switch to SaaS. By making the switch, you will save yourself both time and money and be better equipped to manage your workforce.