Choosing the Best Online Collaboration Platform: Glasscubes Vs. Huddle

If you are looking for a programme that focuses on project management or collaboration, there is a lot of information you should research first. What are you looking for? What sort of programme will fit your needs? What’s your budget? How large is your business? All of these are questions you need to consider before choosing a platform. We are going to take a look at the pros and cons of two different programmes, Glasscubes and Huddle. Which one will best suit your needs?
Glasscubes mainly focuses on collaboration. The company’s principle goal is to promote effective interaction among team members through its platform. It’s a tool that enables management to see who’s making a difference and for users to be recognised for their hard work and ideas. Time and again individuals and groups become isolated, but Glasscubes helps make people accountable, motivated and communicative. Will Glasscubes work for you?

The main functions of Glasscubes:

Issue tracking
Resource management
Task management
Traditional project management functionality for businesses of all sizes
From startups to established organisations

One of the positive aspects to Glasscubes is shared knowledge. They include wiki style formatting for creating and sharing project information. This content is available to anyone throughout the company and is shareable. Also, Glasscubes can track the burn rates of projects in progress to minimise the possibility of costly surprises.

Glasscubes is available via any internet-ready device whether you are accessing it from your desktop or your tablet.
Huddle provides:

Issue tracking
Resource management
Task management
Traditional project management that works best for small/medium sized businesses

One perk of using Huddle is that it excels in task management. They are best when used for document management. It’s much easier when all of your files are kept in a central place. This programme specialises in skill set allocation.  Every business, big or small, wants to be able to find the right person for each job and it’s not always easy. Huddle helps optimise this process by assigning resources by skill set.

Some cons of using Huddle are that it could use role-based permissions. Managing individual permissions can be annoying and it can be avoided with role-based security and Huddle falls short with this. Their programme doesn’t allow administrators the option of setting this up.

You also can’t customise. For businesses of any size this is potentially problematic. Huddle doesn’t have features to really make it feel like your own programme. Huddle is also missing the ability to create gantt charts. Because this software focuses so much on project management, having gantt charts is basically a must-have tool.

To wrap it up, depending on the size of your business and what you want to mainly focus on, Huddle or Glasscubes could be the right programme for you. Huddle’s main focus is project management while Glasscubes’ is collaboration.