Clear Books introduces small business barometer

Online accounting software company, Clear Books, has introduced a small business barometer that each month will look at the ebb and flow of how UK small companies are performing. Data derived anonymously from its database of over 8,000 small business customers will show trends and patterns as figures are compared with previous months and other periods, such as each quarter.

The first figures – for January 2015 – show that the average employee hourly salary rate stands at £13.89. The number of employees joining companies was 234 compared to the number of employees leaving which stood at 106. This suggests an overall average growth rate in staff numbers of 45%, supporting recent figures issued by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) about the fall in unemployment.

The average revenue of small companies for January was £153,000, average current liabilities stood at -£138,1157 and average non-current liabilities -£55,478. In early March, comparable figures for February will be released to show any increase or decrease in average revenues, liabilities and non-current liabilities.

“Each day our system processes thousands of pieces of data which are taken from a sizeable number of small companies across all sectors,” says Chris Storey, Business Analyst, Clear Books. “By mining and analysing this information, our aim is to provide a snapshot and ongoing comparisons of how the UK’s small business community is faring against several indicators.

“With the economy showing signs of recovery we expect to see several upward trends, but it will be interesting to see just how companies are doing.”

The next Clear Books Small Business Barometer, comparing January and February figures, will be issued in early March.