Directors and Officers Liabilities Insurance

Most marketing videos you see online are full of fluff with bouncy music and trying to sell you something. Then there are companies such as AIG who produce videos of integrity to highlight a product aimed at a whole different audience. They have released a new video online focusing on the very serious matter of directors and officers liability insurance.

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This policy offers protection for those claims made against directors, officers and senior employees in areas such as actual and alleged breach of duty, neglect and misstatements mistakes and omissions. AIG are only too aware that both directors and officers are embracing the very latest opportunities when it comes to IT investments and product innovation, particularly in emerging markets, and they also know that they are facing an unprecedented volume of scrutiny on both a regulatory and political level.

This in turn brings about an increase in shareholder activism, an increase in the already intense competition for both talent and business, a recessionary environment and a completely unprecedented rise in claims. With so much currently at stake trust AIG to create such an outstanding product as their D&O, Directors and Officers liability insurance. Watch the video now to see how this can benefit you.

With the global franchise AIG enjoys plus over 4 decades of experience in this sector combined with their unique ability to analyse their own experiences of claims and exposure they are best qualified company in the world to offer a product such as this. They have their own view on the operating environment of both directors and officers in today’s mad, bad world of business and it is due to both their insight and foresight that they are able to offer the cover everyone will benefit from with the AIG D&O liability insurance.