Disciplined Collaboration: Four Steps To Collaborative Success

Amidst an international and expansive career working with the most dynamic, successful companies, plus a portfolio of best-selling business books under his belt, Emmanuel Gobillot prepares for the release of the next stage in his journey:

“Disciplined Collaboration: Four Steps To Collaborative Success”.

About the Book

Are you bored of adding dotted lines on charts and hugging trees/colleagues at team-building away days? Do you dream of leading an organisation that has the efficiency of competition and the effectiveness of collaboration? Wondering why your divisions are so divided? If so, Disciplined Collaboration is most definitely for you!

Global collaboration and leadership expert, consultant and speaker, Emmanuel Gobillot, identifies the real barriers to collaboration and outlines a disciplined approach to removing them. He identifies the four fears that no amount of dotted lines or away days can rectify, but also provides pragmatic real-world application for your business. Combining the latest psychological and organisational research with Emmanuel’s own experiences, Disciplined Collaboration shows you how to make your divisions add up again. This book is written for leaders…just like you!

About the Author

Emmanuel is the founder of Emmanuel Gobillot Limited, a boutique consultancy dedicated to leadership and organisational development services. He is also co-founder of ‘Collaboration Partners’ with Co-Founder and Managing Director Katherine Thomas, a consultancy specialising in helping leaders and organisations develop effective collaboration. Prior to starting his own firm, he was Director of FMCG Consulting and Director of Leadership Services at HayGroup. For more than 15 years, Emmanuel has delivered results based on his mantra: ‘There must be a better way and together we will find it’.

Currently, Emmanuel spends his time researching, writing, speaking and consulting with

many of the most successful international companies on the topic of collaborative success. The author of a number of business books including Kogan Page’s UK and US bestsellers ‘The Connected Leader’, ‘Leadershift’ and ‘Follow The Leader’, Emmanuel has teamed up with dynamic publisher Urbane Publications to unveil ‘Disciplined Collaboration – Four Steps To Collaborative Success’ in May 2016.

A French National, Emmanuel moved to the UK in 1985. He holds an International Baccalaureate from the United World College of the Atlantic, a Master of Arts with Honours from St Andrews University and a Diploma in Management Science from the Nottingham Trent University.

Emmanuel Gobillot