Dominatecon for entrepreneurs and fast-growing SMEs

A dynamic new conference for progressive entrepreneurs and fast-growing SMEs will launch this year. DominateCon will bring together an array of forward-thinking seminars, celebrated guest speakers and opportunities to network with high-growth businesses. The conference is scheduled for September 18th-19that the Taj Hotel, St James Court, London – and is set to become the must-attend event for the UK’s most ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners.

DominateCon presents motivated entrepreneurs with the techniques and strategies they need to break into the world of high growth businesses. The conference is ideal for both brick-and-mortar organisations and digital businesses that are already performing well, but want to elevate their firm to the next level with faster growth and expansion. The main focus of this year’s event will be the two main multipliers that can power small business growth: automation and outsourcing.

In the past, those looking for forward-thinking seminars of this kind had to fly all the way to the USA, where a number of similar conferences have sprung up in recent years. DominateCon is the first conference of its kind in the UK, and is expected to help British and European entrepreneurs learn how to dominate their respective markets.

Lucie Marchelot Shukla, host of DominateCon, Co-founder of Click Convert Sell and Elite Virtual Team said, “This isn’t going to be a tech conference with endless pitches for funding, or a trade show aimed at those just starting out in the world of SMEs. Instead, the purpose of DominateCon is to unite experienced and ambitious entrepreneurs and SMEs owners, looking to grow and develop fast. Delegates will be able to meet with other progressive and like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as hearing distinguished speakers from a multitude of industries, sharing experiences and actionable tips that can help businesses build their way to market domination.”

The volume of well-respected guest and keynote speakers already confirmed for the event speak volumes about the kind of delegates DominateCon is intended for. Keynote speakers include Georgia Kirke, UK Program Advisor and Business Development Manager at Strategic Coach, who will be discussing how entrepreneurs can build a self-management company. Rob Warner, CEO of Invisible PPC, will be sharing his lessons on growing a digital business ten times in two years. Brain Keith, Principle at Red Beard Consulting, will be flying in from the US especially for the conference, and will be giving an enthralling talk about the implementation of automation technology, as well creating an unstoppable and scalable team. Entrepreneurs with their sights set on the upper echelons of business simply can’t miss the speeches and seminars at DominateCon.

Those signing up to attend DominateCon will also benefit from an array of take-away offers and tools. A range of partners, from small business suppliers to software companies, will be offering deals and discounts to those in attendance, so that delegates have the resources to put the things they have learned into action within their own organisation.

To find out more about DominateCon, or to book your tickets today, visit the website: