Don’t make a fool of yourself at the office party

Things to avoid doing at the office party

With the holidays having  been and gone there will be quite a few who wished they had seen this advice prior to their office party. Have a look at our advice well in time for the next office party. While a office party allows a person to let loose and have some fun. There are some things that a person should avoid at any work party. While it is still a party where a person should be allowed to have fun these things can get a person in trouble and make them look a tad foolish.

When drinking at a party especially an office party limit it to one or two drinks at the most. The worst thing a person can do is get drunk. While it may be hard to turn down free drinks a person will often lose their reasoning and say or do things that they should not. When drinking they may get a little loose lipped and tell their boss how they really feel about them. This can cause a lot of trouble once the party is over.
Dress Appropriately
At a party a person should do dress how they usually would at the office. It is important not to be overdress but it also important not to be underdressed. Be festive but not flashy. Do not wear anything too short or too revealing. Remember it is a Christmas party and not a club.
Many Christmas parties including office parties do have a dance floor. By all means get up and dance don’t just stand there but think about your company and who is likely to be looking over your shoulder, grinding and dirty dancing with colleagues is not acceptable even after having a couple of drinks.
Leave It At the Office
The Christmas party is a nice to have fun. Do not talk about work at the party or complain about what is going on at work. During a party there can be some moments of awkward silence. Have some possible topics for conversations in mind just in case the conversation runs dry. Also be sure to keep things professional. Do not hit on or try to hook up with a co-workers. This can lead to uncomfortable moments if turned down. If a someone does get lucky with a coworker keep it discreet and make sure they are single! It is never a good idea to be the topic of office gossip.
Mobile Phones
Think long and hard before taking any kind of videos or photos. No one wants to be the object of a compromising Facebook post or video that is plastered across the internet. When speaking to the boss at the party do so before having a drink. Also needless to say the office party is not the time to ask for a raise or to complain about work. If you do happen to take any photos make sure they are always kept secure in a locker.
Exiting the Party
Make plans ahead of time for leaving the party. You should have a car or a taxi lined up to avoid any uncomfortable situations or begging co-workers for a lift home. Or even better ride your bike in and park it in a secure cycle shelter.