Finding a good job in the modern marketplace is hardly a matter of luck

The Sheffield Jobs website has just put out its latest press release announcing its aims for 2014 following its launch in 2014.
Sheffield Jobs is proud to announce its strategic commitment to innovation and efficiency in 2015, after setting high standards for professional conduct and top-level customer service during the previous year. Success of our digital platform for human resource management and career building encouraged us to think beyond the current stage and plan even more ambitious business goals for the year ahead of us.

In 2014, thousands of job seekers and employers took advantage of online and mobile platforms to accelerate their search and recognize the best available opportunities. Modern technology is tailor-made to assist in the recruitment process if used properly and within context. We see it as our mission to build a bridge between employers and candidates and facilitate more effective exchange of verified information through electronic channels. This allows employers to have access to a large database of potential workers and seek for the right match taking many different factors into consideration. With our assistance, the best candidates float to the top of the barrel and become more visible and more attractive to first-tier companies looking for new labour.

Educational aspect of our work shouldn’t be overlooked either and this is something we intend to expand in the future. Job seeking procedures are getting more sophisticated every year and job seekers need to be informed about employer’s expectations and requirements. Learning how to present skills and competencies is a huge part of career building that often makes the difference between landing a dream job and remaining unemployed. Large knowledge base included on the Sheffield Jobs website can provide a jump start for inexperienced job seekers who are willing to invest some time to get better in self-presentation.

While the scope of our operations has mostly been focused on the Sheffield area, the underlying principle is universal and we fully believe it can be used to improve the recruitment experience. Digital technologies allow for instant communication and simple comparison of different candidates, adding an objective layer to recruitment procedures and ensuring a fair playing field. Head-to-head comparison of candidates and possibility for direct communication at any point are important benchmarks that help companies avoid costly mistakes and identify the right people for the job. It is our hope that our work will also provide inspiration for others who believe technology can be used in smart ways to benefit of all.

By serving our customers in honest and responsible way, we contribute to creation of optimal conditions for growth of business in the area. In order to do this more effectively, we remain open to all suggestions coming from our partners, customers and colleagues. Together we can make job seeking a precise science based on actual qualities of each candidate and suitability for the job description rather than subjective impressions. As we grow alongside our clients, we are confident our platform will continue to improve in line with realities in the ever-changing job market in the UK.