How to become The Go-To Expert in your field of expertise

NEW BOOK: The Go-To Expert: How to Grow Your Reputation, Differentiate Yourself From the Competition and Win New Business

Differentiating yourself and making yourself stand out from your peers is one of the biggest challenges facing those striving for success in the cutthroat world of professional services. With economic climes still being tough, clients are increasingly looking for better deals, so professionals are having to justify their fees more than ever. They are having to go back to the drawing board to define what they are offering and give their clients more value for money.

A new book entitles The Go-To Expert is about to be published and this offers practical and clear advise that will help all readers establish themselves a reputation to be proud of. It will allow them to show that far from being merely another professional they go that extra mile. The result of this is that they can pick and choose their clients as they are The Go-To Expert in that field.

The principles behind becoming a Go-To Expert are simple – become better than everybody else at something, and then build your business around it. However, the book cleverly provides comprehensive, actionable advice on how readers can use tools like social media, networking, branding and PR to actually achieve this and establish their own niche.

The two authors, Heather Townsend and Jon Baker, share a wealth of experience in managing, coaching and training business professionals, and have established themselves as “Go-To Experts” in their own right.

Heather Townsend is the author of the best-selling and award winning book The FT Guide to Business Networking, . She has mentored over 2000 professionals at every level of the UK’s most ambitious professional practices, sits on the judging panel for The British Accountancy Awards and was included in Economia’s Top 50 Social Media Influencers in the field of finance and business. Jon Baker is a specialist in helping small professional services practices grow profitably and sustainably. He is a highly sought-after speaker, social media and sales trainer, sharing his 25 years’ experience with hundreds of high profile businesses, including BP, Total and Feel Good Drinks.

Most professionals were attracted to their field by the technical aspects of the job, and are consequently often averse to the active selling and marketing of their service.The Go-To Expert highlights the importance of business development, explains the soft skills that are required to do it effectively, and gives simple tips how professionals can “blow their own trumpet” in a way that both reflects well on their business and appeals to their target audience.

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The Go-To Expert: How to Grow Your Reputation, Differentiate Yourself From the Competition and Win New Business by Heather Townsend and Jon Baker is due to be published by Pearson in March 2014, priced £21.99.