Grannies Inc supports over 65s in entrepreneurship

Over 65s are leading the rise in UK self-employment, as they are the age group most likely to be self-employed. Grannies Inc is supporting the trend of the silver entrepreneurs, and offering opportunities for skilled mature women to work from home on their own terms by knitting garments ordered online.

Individuals aged 65 or over make up around 39% of the self-employed population, compared to just 10.5% of 25-34 year olds. The mature age group also account for around half of the total increase in self-employment since 2004. People past retirement age are more often wanting to keep their foot in the door in the world of work, and find it easier to work on a self-employed basis.

Martin Utevski, Managing Director of Grannies Inc said, “We think it’s great that older workers are leading the self-employment revolution, with many over 65s working on a freelance or contract basis. Many don’t feel ready to retire or want to supplement their pension – our workers simply want to stay creative and keep doing what they love. Grannies Inc appreciates that older workers have a knowledge and skill set which is incomparable to the younger generation, and it’s unfortunate that many employers overlook mature workers.”

Grannies Inc is a unique concept which brings knitting grannies and fashion seekers together. Individuals have the power to design their own knitwear online, which is then hand-knitted by a specialist freelance knitter employed by Grannies Inc. The master knitters can recreate any design, whether it has been hand drawn and made up by the buyer, or they want to copy their favourite celebrity’s beanie hat.

Each Grannies Inc custom piece of knitwear is made with premium merino wool. The unique designs are then hand-knitted with love by a granny somewhere in the UK, before the custom knitwear is delivered by post.

Martin added, “We are proud that we are bringing this fresh concept to the nation. Instead of mass produced knitwear made abroad, people can now choose an ethical mode of production which keeps the over 65s earning money and continuing their passion.”

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