Head Resourcing launches InSite to revolutionise the recruitment market

Leading recruitment consultancy Head Resourcing, specialising in IT, Digital and Business Change appointments, has unveiled InSite, a new online platform set to revolutionise the recruitment market.

InSite takes the pre-interview recruitment process entirely online. Employers can pre-load much more than just a job specification to entice skilled applicants. As well as the salary, skills and benefits, employers can provide much more content, images and a video to give potential candidates a real feel for the organisation they are applying to join.

Developed and hosted by Head Resourcing, InSite is currently being used by schuh, who are at the leading edge of the   UK fashion footwear industry and miiCard, specialists in online identity security to recruit for system developers and software engineers respectively.

Huw Martin, Managing Director at Head Resourcing said:

“InSite is an innovative, disruptive game changer in the recruitment market. The new platform will give candidates a greater insight to learn more about their potential employers.

“Recruiting for specialist positions, or in a market where there are skill shortages, eligible candidates have a greater choice in who they work for. This makes for tighter competition and the differentiator comes down to the overall feel of the organisation advertising its vacancies.

“That’s where InSite comes into its own as it enables potential employers to provide a feel for the organisation, its values and how it looks after its employees – in far greater detail than a traditional job specification form could achieve.

“At the same time candidates can apply online from tablet or mobile and upload relevant documents to support their application.

“InSite has fantastic potential to open up the recruitment market and make the process more engaging for all involved.”

Colin Temple, Managing Director at schuh added:

“We’re delighted to be working with Head Resourcing as part of the InSite launch. We recruit for a variety of IT and Digital positions and attracting the right candidate isn’t always an exact science.

“By giving potential applicants a greater insight into how we work, what we stand for and even who they could be working with, right from the first step, we’re building better engagement and getting a better fit in the people who share our approach.

“InSite also translates into the next stage, with the applicant being much more informed about the company, the job and the wider team, enhancing the formal interview process.”

InSite is an online platform Head Resourcing developed in association with MadeBrave. The application can be used as a campaign tool through Head Resourcing.


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Head Resourcing is a leading IT, Digital and Business Change recruitment consultancy with offices in Edinburgh and Leeds.

Established in 2001, the company has grown to a team of 76 and serves a wide variety of clients including Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco Bank, Sainsbury’s Bank, Wood Mackenzie, Clydesdale Bank and PwC.

The company recruits permanent and contract positions and has grown the contract business from 0 to a high of 544 contractors with revenue generated from this function achieving £44m at its peak.

As a market leader, Head Resourcing is working closely with the industry to address skill shortage and improve the overall recruitment process.