Helm Godfrey, Pimlico Plumbers and City Gateway and Youth Apprenticeship Schemes

Helm Godfrey, Pimlico Plumbers and City Gateway Team Up To Highlight the Importance of Youth Apprenticeship Schemes

Three London organisations are working together to promote the role of apprenticeship schemes in bringing through the next generation of young employees. Helm Godfrey, Pimlico Plumbers and charity City Gateway are each involved in youth training schemes. They are collaborating on a campaign to raise awareness of the valuable role apprenticeships can offer young people by providing a wide array of choices and pathways into employment.

Helm Godfrey, a wealth and employee benefits adviser, offers unique educational courses for young people to help them understand more about the financial elements of being in work. Paying tax, understanding interest rates and loans, budgeting and saving effectively are all covered in the course, which is provided free to young people via the City Gateway charity.

City Gateway is dedicated to helping the local communities of Tower Hamlets that have not benefited from the area’s wider economic development. The charity looks to connect with local women and disadvantaged young people through programmes which engage, train and provide participants with the skills and opportunities they need to enter work or further education.

Pimlico Plumbers runs an award-winning apprenticeship scheme and is a vocal and high-profile advocate of workplace training programmes. It has more than 300 monthly applicants to its schemes, all hoping to roll up their sleeves and learn a trade on the job.

To support National Apprenticeship Week 2015 (9th-13th of March), the organisations have joined forces to produce a short film, which explains why they are committed to nurturing the next generation of workers.

The film features senior figures from each firm, who explain what they are doing to support apprenticeships and offer opportunities for young people. Charlie Mullins, founder and Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers, and Eddie Stride, Chief Executive of City Gateway, join Anthony Nash, a financial adviser for Helm Godfrey, in describing how their schemes work. The film also tells apprentices’ stories, from pre-employment to employment, featuring young people who have found work through apprenticeships and training provided by Helm Godfrey, City Gateway and Pimlico Plumbers.

Anthony Nash, financial adviser for Helm Godfrey, says: “ Research last year showed apprenticeships contribute some £34bn a year to the UK economy, with individual organisations receiving a bottom line boost of £2,000 per apprentice 1. In London the figure was higher, at £2,621, so there is a real business case for apprenticeships. Every employer, large and small, can play a role in educating and training our next generation of workers. We have been volunteering with the apprenticeship charity City Gateway since 2013. It’s important for us to give something back to the community to help improve the life and career prospects of young people.”

Charlie Mullins, Managing Director of Pimlico Plumbers, says: “There is no greater education than hands-on-training. We take on apprentices throughout the whole company; from plumbing and electrical to accounts and recruitment. I have yet to meet a young adult who didn’t want to learn more and it’s not uncommon for people to come to me after they have already been in full-time employment, because they don’t just want a job, they want a career.  Every employer has a responsibility to share their knowledge and resources – not everyone has connections that help them get jobs.”

City Gateway CEO Eddie Stride adds: “We hope this film will help raise awareness of the valuable role apprenticeships and workplace training can provide in getting young people into work by equipping them with the skills they need to succeed. Helm Godfrey and Pimlico Plumbers understand this very well and we hope our joint campaign will help encourage other employers to provide work and training opportunities for young people.”

The three organisations will also be taking part in other activities and events during the week, including Helm Godfrey linking up with the Federation of Small Businesses for its National Apprenticeship Week event at the London Eye on March 9th.