How To Set Objectives For Your Next Corporate Team Building Event

Improve Communication And Productivity Rates Within Your Organisation
Corporate team building events help to improve internal communications between team members and departments. Find out how to set goals for your day out.

Team building events conjure up images of office staff shooting paintballs at each other or perhaps navigating a high rope course somewhere in the Lake District. However, whatever your perception is of team building events, high profile companies such as Hilton, P&G, Apple, Sky, Virgin Media and Barlcaycard have placed corporate team building at the heart of their company strategies, which has proved to be a hugely successful approach for them.
A Change Of Environment
Corporate team building events are brilliant at breaking down political, cultural and personal barriers whilst motivating employees and improving productivity in your business. This is an approach which will translate positively onto your daily profit sheets.

Although some organisations will attempt to improve internal morale by completing activities such as role play within the office environment, getting away on a corporate day out really helps to eliminate other distractions and obtain the full attention of your employees.
Setting Team Objectives
Although venues and activity providers all over the country pride themselves on the range of corporate team building exercises that they’re able to deliver, the event itself is really a means to an end and it is the bonding that takes place between employees that is the primary aim of the task.

Before attending your booked event, it is necessary to set some objectives that you wish your employees to work towards achieving on your corporate day out.
Look At Your Existing Team
Take a look at your teams and current structure in the organisation and work out where any existing or potential problems lie. A typical objective for many companies is to improve communication within their workforce. Examine which team members you would like to communicate more effectively with each other and ensure that they are grouped accordingly throughout the day.
Cross Department Collaboration
If one of the issues with productivity in your office lies in the fact that your departments don’t liaise well with each other, then make sure that collaboration between teams is a key objective for your event day. Mix department members up and place them in different teams.

Once back in the office, it might be worth taking the time to carry out some cross-departmental training to ensure that employees are knowledgeable about all areas of the organisation’s workflow.
Establish The Role Of The Leader
This is a great chance to set an objective to create better relationships between team leaders and workers that report up to them. During corporate team building, leaders have the opportunity to establish themselves as trustworthy and approachable, yet firm leaders. This will gain them respect amongst the employees that they manage.

If there are any vacancies or decisions to be made on internal promotions, assessing leadership skills in potential candidates can also be made an objective of the day. Those who are strong contenders will embrace the opportunity to shine in front of both management and their peers.

Team building within your organisation is an ongoing process and attending a corporate team event is the first important step in transforming the general culture and ambience within your organisation. Stick with it and you’ll achieve great results.