JCB’s £150m investment in Staffordshire to create 2500 jobs

JCB plans to invest about £150m in Staffordshire over the next five years which will create 2,500 jobs according to the manufacturer of diggers. The company stated that the plan will be the largest investment that JCB has ever made in its seven decade history and added that for every JCB job that is created another three will be created in the supply chain of the UK.

As part of the plan JCB is going to build a new Beamhurst 350,000 sq ft factory that will be responsible for making cabs close to Uttoxeter. The plant is going to allow JCB to move its cab production into the UK instead of elsewhere in Europe. In addition, the company is also going to build another 126,000 square feet of factory space so that they can increase the production of their Rocester hydraulic cylinders.

The plans do not stop there as they will also build a Cheadle factory that covers 220,000 sq ft that will be tasked with compact vehicles and earth movers. The company will also more its insurance and finance divisions into new offices and the company plans to soon after launch a new training centre for apprentices and operations.

The news should be welcomed by George Osborne since he just made his autumn statement during which he claimed that his economic plan for recovery had worked by helping to build jobs and improve local economies.

Lord Bamford, the chairman of JCB, stated that the decision to invest their company’s future in Staffordshire was partially made because the government decided to improve the state of local roads because the improvement in infrastructure allows JCB to invest locally while also still widely contributing to the greater UK supply chain. Obsborne plans to visit the Rocester JCB Factory.