The lazy project manager 2nd Edition Published

• What are the bare necessities of management?
• Why should a project manager never sit next to a coffee

Managing projects is part of the job for an increasing number of people and the answers to these questions will show how project management can be lazy and fun. There are plenty of books and courses out there which will tell you how to go about juggling all the balls you’ve been handed, but could they
be overcomplicating the challenges involved? Perhaps there’s a way to get more done with less effort, impress the boss, your team and your clients and still have time for a bit of fun. If you are fed up with long hours, disgruntled teams and projects that seem to be a constant stream of problems you could do worse than turn to professional speaker and accomplished project leader Peter Taylor, whose bestselling book The lazy project manager has now been thoroughly updated for a new edition. First published in 2009, the book offers helpful tips on how to manage with as little effort as possible. Readers worldwide  have been captivated by The lazy project manager and Peter Taylor’s simple but effective approach to project management : ‘This book is filled with timely, easy, practical and common sense advice, introduced in an entertaining way.’ ‘The lazy project manager is a definitive guide to managing projects.’

‘My copy has already caused a buzz amongst my PM colleagues … it should be mandatory reading for any
manager who has to work in a project-based way.’ ‘One of the best coaching/business books I’ve ever read.’ ‘An uncommon point of view. But an effective one. Cut out the overhead and get to the work. Very good read.’ ‘A must read for any project manager.’

This new edition is the project management book to own and is full of new anecdotes and case studies that you can learn from and use to become a more efficient, successful and (yes!) lazy project manager.