Love Energy Savings gives cost saving advice for businesses

Research has shown that almost half of the UK’s workforce have left a job because of their employer

Real-life case studies revealed that staff have had to clean the office when management decided to save on cleaning, and one business forced employees to pay for hot water
Love Energy Savings speaks to money-saving experts about how to cut costs without going to extremes and alienating your staff

Business energy comparison website, Love Energy Savings, has recently uncovered a bizarre range of strategies that businesses have used in order to save a little money – and not all of them were effective!

With research from People Management showing that as many as half of workers have left a job because of a bad boss, and based on our subsequent investigations, it became apparent that perhaps employers are looking in all the wrong places to save money.

Through feedback and real-life case studies from the public, Love Energy Savings has compiled a report on the strangest cost saving strategies out there, and why it isn’t always necessary for business owners to go to the extreme in order to save a few pennies.

You can read the report in full here.

The report features comments from leading money-saving experts and business professionals about their most effective cost-cutting measures that won’t impact staff’s long-term happiness.

Strategies range from outsourcing certain departments, to improving efficiencies, to comparing commodity suppliers to find the most competitive rates.

Phil Foster, MD of Love Energy Savings commented: “You’re better off looking at the bigger picture of your business’ finances, figuring out where is best to save on costs when looking at the business from an operational point of view. Where can the greatest savings be made with the least about of investment.”