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We have another great book to giveaway! We have 1 copy of the new book “Make Change Happen – Get to grips with managing change in business” by Ian Coyne. As with our last giveaway you can read more about the book below and to enter share/like on social media, we will pick a winner at random.

Change is one of the inevitable things that we all have to face, and how we deal with change makes the difference between success and failure in all aspects of life every day. Being able to create successful change is the single most important competency required in order to achieve success in business, and an insightful new book, Make Change Happen, has been published by Pearson to show exactly what steps to take to create successful and sustainable change, in simple, jargon-free language.

The author, Ian Coyne makes change happen in some of the world’s largest and fastest-paced organisations, such as KPMG, Royal Bank of Scotland, the Co-operative Group and BP. Throughout his career as a change leader he has delivered projects to improve people’s lives by changing culture and behaviour, and is now sharing the wealth of his experience to a wider audience in a clear, accessible and thought-provoking way.

All changes are a journey that businesses and individuals go through, so Make Change Happen breaks down the process into three simple parts: Start, Middle and End. The start of a change journey is typically a positive and ambitious time, whereas the middle is often tougher and requires much more discipline. At each stage of change, even the end, there are a set of concrete things leaders can do to maximise the positive impact of the change and minimise the risk of failure.

Change is all about people, so in Make Change Happen, Coyne introduces concepts like the emotional bank account, revealing how to harness the energy and excitement, and communicate with individuals throughout their emotional journey, to keep their emotional bank account in credit and make them want to change even during challenging times.

Ian Coyne is an experienced and engaging public speaker and is available for expert comment, interview or by-lined articles on a number of change-related topics, including:

How to make sure things really get “done”
How to reach a deadline without feeling dead
Make change manageable with Change Pieces
The emotional bank account: How to make people want to change
The Change Curve, and how to use it
How to successfully communicate change
How to avoid changes stalling in the difficult ‘Middle’ phase
How to create change which is both measurable but flexible based on learning along the change journey

Make Change Happen: Get to grips with managing change in business by Ian Coyne is out now from Pearson, priced £14.99. However you can enter below to win your very own copy!

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