Michelin man’s Living Total Performance Campaign

Chances are if you drive a car you have heard of the Michelin man, and with good cause because the brand has been in existence for over a century now offering tyres to those in need of a safe driving experience. Michelin as a brand promises quality, safety, and durability from their tyres and they have always managed to deliver. Now in their quest to remain accountable for the tyres they create they are reaching out as part of a new campaign to help innovate stronger, safer, and better tyres for drivers of today. At the same time, they are also helping to better educate people on driving by sharing some of the knowledge they have gained.

To start with, Michelin is launching a new campaign titled the Living Total Performance Campaign. As part of this campaign they have created a live driving lab that looks at driving habits across Europe. To do this they placed special monitoring equipment into 3,000 cars across the continent that records how people drive. The aim of the equipment is to see what demands are placed on their tyres by the average driver on a daily basis so that they can design their tyres to respond perfectly to the modern demands.

Along the way they have discovered some very useful information which they are sharing in their online road usage lab. The road usage lab contains information from all Michelin initiatives: past, present, and future. Given the long history of the brand that means there is a lot that any driver can learn by checking out the online digital hub. For instance, it is a myth that removing your foot from the accelerator will save fuel. In reality, the type of tyres that you use for urban driving can actually reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30%. So maybe you should worry about your tyres instead of your lead foot!