Mobile Phone Repairs

Mobile phone repair for business – 8 things to look out for!

Mobile phones are a necessity in business today allowing teams to communicate seamlessly to drive up business efficiency and stay connected with customers. Downtime from damaged handsets can cost businesses thousands of pounds, so choosing a speedy mobile repair company to get your tech back up quickly is essential.

Here are 8 things you should be aware of when choosing a repair company.

1. Avoid Employee Downtime

Look for a company that has a same-day call out or an insured collection and speedy repair service. This will help get your service technicians, engineers and salespeople stay connected.

2. Save Money & Repair

It’s cheaper to repair a device than buy a brand new one, having an experienced partner will identify faults quickly and cheaply saving on the replacement cost of a new mobile phone

3. Hit Company Environmental Objectives

Phones and tablets can last up to 5 years longer with high quality repairs which help businesses maintain their carbon footprint policies.

4. Invoicing & Admin Service

In the past a mobile or table repair has had to be paid in cash or upfront, which doesn’t suit most business systems. Keep an eye out for repair companies that can manage multiple cost centres and multiple repairs in different locations ensuring approvers stay in control of user expenses

5. Nationwide Coverage

Most repair companies have a Nationwide presence although this often means their employees travel over the UK with long travel times leaving a business needing to use multiple regional repair companies across the UK. A particularly good company in this area are imend who have 300 technicians on the road and can offer a single point of repair.

6. IT Incident Service Desk

Modern Service Desk and IT professionals demand a speedy, prompt and professional service desk team to log faults and issues that can create downtime and problems in their business.
Look for a company with highly experienced, well trained customer focused fault finders available immediately on the telephone, via email who can offer advice and act quickly.

7. Data Protection

Data is key to any business and trusting a 3rd party with your valued information is a minefield. Ensure your mobile repair partner has clearly defined terms and conditions, that staff are background checked and the repair centre is fully data protected.

8. A Speedy Solution

Time is money in business – ensure you work with a company that has a robust repair network in place so you can avoid sending phones back to manufacturers which can often take weeks at a time.

Following these 8 tips will help you in your search for a perfect mobile repair partner!