New Book ‘How to Talk Finance’ on numbers and terminology of finance

Many people in business feel out of their depth and confused by the numbers and terminology of finance. While it might be ok to leave marketing to marketers, sales to sellers and manufacturing to manufacturers, every role has a direct impact on the finances of a business. Understanding this impact is a crucial skill required to either advance up an organisation or lead your own business to success.

Help is at hand from a straight-talking new book, How to Talk Finance, that will enable readers to finally know their assets from their EBITDA, make sense of the numbers and understand how to use them confidently in their everyday work.

The author, Ted Wainman, built a successful career with Ernst & Young and JPMorgan before going on to design, develop and deliver his own in-house training courses and workshops, helping professionals at all stages of their career to really understand what the finances of their business are telling them. His clients range from huge blue-chip corporations to SMEs, from 25 different countries and from diverse industries such as banking, manufacturing and charities. The business sectors may be different, but the principles are all the same – financial control lies at the heart of successful business.

Learning finance from a book may sound daunting, but How to Talk Finance is written to be as easy to follow and jargon-free as possible. It walks the reader through topics like funding, financial statements and forecasting and uses real-life examples of well-known brands to bring the theories to life. It is a perfect book to keep at hand in the office, with a quick glossary to explain even the most confounding finance terminology in very simple language.

Ready to talk to the media:

Ted Wainman is an experienced and engaging speaker and is available to offer expert comment, advice or by-lined articles on topics, such as:

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How to Talk Finance by Ted Wainman is published in July 2015 from Pearson, priced £14.99.