Office Party Ideas in London

6 Ingenious Ideas for the Perfect Work Party in London
London is full of entertainment opportunities that could be perfect if you’re planning a work party in the area. If you’re wanting to think outside of the box, or are simply in search of something that’s going to successfully satisfy your employees, here are 6 ingenious ideas that may appeal to you.
Boat Down the Thames
Why restrict yourself to having your party on land, when you could have it on the water instead? Hire a boat to take you and your team on a relaxing cruise down the River Thames, you can have everything tailored to suit your needs (including food and drink services) all whilst taking in the breath-taking sights of London too. This will make for the perfect day away from the office and will allow you to celebrate your event in style.
Rooftop Bar
Summer celebrations seem somewhat out of place when you’re all bundled up inside, so find yourself a rooftop venue that offers spectacular sights of the city below and a chance to enjoy the evening in the fresh air. Whether you’re in search of a quiet and private rooftop space for your work party or a much larger and louder environment to celebrate in, you’ll be able to find a wide range of offers and events wherever you are in London.
Christmas Party Bus
Most of you will agree that the standard office Christmas party often consists of every employee being huddled around a table at the restaurant down the road, or not even leaving the office in some cases, which is not always the most enjoyable of experiences. So, if you’re on the hunt for more inventive Christmas party ideas in London why not hire out a party bus? This will take place in a traditional red, double-decker bus and will take you around some of the city’s most iconic sites whilst celebrating with a drink or two along the way!
Private London Eye Capsule
It’s safe to say that the London Eye is an experience like no other and the option to hire out your own private capsule makes it all the more perfect as a venue for your work’s party. Catering and entertainment can be provided to you, which will be tailored around the celebration and package you choose, so you needn’t worry about being stuck 100+ metres in the air with all of your office and little to do.
Medieval Banquet
Attending a medieval banquet would definitely be challenging the more traditional work party at a local restaurant. The venue alone would be enough to please the party, but when you include the catering and costumes it exceeds expectations even further.
Madame Tussauds
For those who haven’t been or haven’t heard of it, Madame Tussauds is a museum filled with wax figures of celebrities and iconic figures and one of its locations is right in the centre of London. If you’re work party is more of a larger corporate event, you could look into the private hiring of the venue (or a space within the venue) to hold it. Otherwise, you could simply get your employees together and go around the venue as a group – it would be less of a party but much more of a humorous and entertaining day out.
Don’t fall victim to organising a dull party for your employees that they all dread and instead, try looking into one of these more ingenious ideas. It will certainly be a celebration that nobody will ever forget and with the added entertainment that comes with each idea, everyone will be glad to get away from the office.