Oliver Wright Launches Business Guide

Oliver Wight, the business improvement specialists, have announced a new guide available to businesses that looks at the benefits that a business can gleam from performing a ‘health check’ so that they can make sure that in the future their business remains ‘fit.’

CEO of Oliver Wight, Les Brookes, explained that most businesses were forced to enter a survival mode in order to get through the global financial crisis. For years they were simply fighting to just make it another day, but now that demand is starting to come back businesses have to reassess the way they operate and consider how they can improve their customer service and processes.

The Oliver Wight Health Check offers businesses a business maturity assessment tool, a Class A checklist to judge overall health, the trademarked Oliver Wight benchmarking tool, and a comprehensive diagnostic so that at the end of the guide companies have a report that calls for appropriate action.

“The report not only details the business’ current position and highlighted gaps, but the potential opportunities and gap closing activities,” explains Brookes. “Reviewed by our experienced team of industry practitioners, it provides practical, useful advice to help an organisation improve its core processes, not just supply chain, but demand and product management too.”

Developed following high level of demand for this type of service, Brookes believes organisations are increasingly realising the importance of preparing for the future. “The time and cost
of conducting a Business Health Check
is not substantial but the price of not knowing where you stand, and then failing to service customer demand effectively, is potentially fatal,” he concludes.

Brookes will present on the subject at the Supply Chain and Logistics Summit in Barcelona on 17th June 2014. To find out more about the event visit http://www.sclsummit.com or to download the brochure click here: http://www.oliverwight-eame.com/en-GB/news-events/white_papers_brochures/m/product/view/84