A Power Kit for the Business Traveller – The Olixar Power Up Kit Reviewed

The Olixar Power Up Kit is a 4-in-1 charging pack that is your perfect companion for business and leisure travel year for Britain and throughout the world. With the 4 built-in USB ports, this accessory is also ideal for home use!

Using just one mains power socket, you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time. With a powerful 4.8A total power output (up to 2.4A per USB port) and with Smart IC technology automatically identifying the device, your phone and tablet will quickly charge back up to full capacity so you are back in action once more.  This is an extremely well-made piece of kit which comes in a high quality travel case.

The product includes:

4-in-1 charging accessory pack
Mains travel adapter with 4 USB ports and 4 travel adaptors for use in UK, US, Europe and Australia.
2500 mAh pocket-sized Portable power bank for on the go emergency charging
Two 1 metre retractable and tangle free Lightning / Micro USB charge & sync cables
Sturdy zip-up travel case for portability

Included in the kit, are Olixar Power Up Kit are  adaptors for all regions (included are EU, US, US and UK adapters) which means it is compatible for use in over 150 countries worldwide! With its well-designed retractable mechanism, the Olixar’s flat cable design makes using the cable easier than ever and retracting the cable back into the housing a breeze, allowing you to make untangling your cables a thing of the past. The protective caps also ensure your cable’s connectors remain in top condition for longevity.

The pack is compact, well-designed, well-constructed, working well and quickly on a range of devices tested on, including Apple products, Blackberry, GoPro and rechargeable battery packs.  It is incredibly portable, coming in a stylish travel case which is small enough to fit in a small bag and weighs about 500g.  It also means you can now ditch some of the many cables routinely carried for a myriad of devices since the kit contains the full range that most leisure and business travels require.  Highly Recommended!

Thanks to MobileFun.co.uk who provided this product for review.  At the time of writing it is priced on their website for £39.99 reduced from £59.99.  You can buy the Olixar Power Up Kit here.