How to prepare for a business exhibition

5 Key Considerations for Your Next Exhibition
An exhibition is an unmissable opportunity that can create extreme exposure for your business when carried out correctly. You’re given the chance to make new connections, find new customers and make your brand truly memorable. So, it’s essential that you fully prepare for it and leave nothing to the last minute. Here are 5 considerations that are essential for every exhibition.
1. Prepare Your People
It’s virtually impossible to attend and participate in an exhibition all by yourself, so assure you have a well prepared team to work alongside you. If you have a large team of employees, then carefully choose a handful of them to come along. You want individuals who are going to maintain a professional image and have the confidence to communicate with all attendees.
2. Gather Your Prints
You should always have brochures, business cards, flyers and other printed media ready to hand out. These should all include your companies key information (name, contact details, logo and perhaps a brand message). Always order excess, as the last thing you want is to run out halfway through the day and have nothing left to offer people. If you have any left over, then you can save them for your next event.
3. Purchase Promotional Items
Promotional items are a fantastic way to get your brand out there and bring new customers in. Focus on items that will be heavily utilised, as opposed to something that will only get discarded at the end of the day. Companies that give out small bags, for instance, often find that their prospective customers will use them throughout the event to collect other items in. Personalised USB sticks are another perfect promotional item as they can be put to effective use outside of the exhibition.
4. Product Demos
Product demos are a must for every exhibition display. Consumers don’t usually trust products they can’t see and feel, so make sure you have something to show off. You may be an up and coming business who doesn’t have an end product yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer a prototype or virtual image to present.
5. A Well-Designed Sign and Stand
Exhibition stands tend to be secluded to a small space, so you don’t want to get lost in the noise. Make your presence known. Your sign should be visible from a distance, represent your brand and persuade people to see the business behind it.

Prepare your exhibition stand in advance so there are no last minute worries. Everything you’ll need for the event can easily be found online, for example banner stands, can be found at These can be utilised to present key information about your company to grab attention from afar.

Exhibitions can be quite a stressful experience, but if you take the above points into careful consideration, your chance of success can vastly increase. It’s a great opportunity to network and build your brand awareness, so make the most of every minute.