Property investment experts Investment Sales helping pensioners with Portfolios

Property investment experts Investment Sales are helping pensioners enjoy the best possible retirement with their array of comprehensive services designed to grow property portfolios and manage all investments. One in three people reaching retirement age are placing their investments in property to ensure a prosperous retirement, but not all of them have the expertise require to make their investments work for them. Step forwards Investment Sales – with a range of services that can maximize return and ensure continued success for all client investments.

Getting the most out of an investment is a complex and time-consuming process. Many pensioners see their retirement as the time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life, rather than worrying themselves over property refurbishments and endlessly searching for new investment opportunities. Investment Sales works closely with clients to determine what they want from their investment and, bearing every detail and specification in mind, the team of property investment specialists take over the building of a profitable portfolio.

The array of services provided by Investment Sales ensure that every step of the process is overseen and handled, without putting stress on the client. Properties are sourced according to requirements – many of them exclusively available to Investment Sales at incredible discounts. The team will then supervise the refurbishment process, ensuring the property is finished to the standard dictated by the client – whether they want to install high-spec fittings and top-of-the-range furniture, or whether they’re interested in a more budget-friendly solution to renovation.

Once the property is in a position to be let, Investment Sales will manage all of the investments to ensure that the right tenants are selected, as well as performing the daily maintenance tasks that are so important: collecting rent, carrying out maintenance, corresponding with tenants where necessary, and so on. This comprehensive service allows pensioners to enjoy the fruits of their buy-to-let investment without burdening themselves with the day-to-day management that can be stressful.

A spokesman for Investment Sales says, “We’re seeing huge rises in the number of pensioners who want to place their confidence in property investment – and we want to assure them that, should they want to take a step away from the everyday management of their investments, we can provide a comprehensive service. Retirement is supposed to be relaxing, after all! Our range of services allow clients to relax, knowing that their investment is in good hands, knowing that new opportunities will be suggested where appropriate, and knowing that they’ll receive a handsome return on their investment.”

Property investment can be a breeze with support from the right services. Investment Sales offers a wide range of other services, from finding the right investment property to lettings and management – for more information, visit the website: