Quick Marketing Guide Gets Rave Reviews on iTunes & Amazon

Small and large businesses looking for new ways to help market their services or products without spending too much will find plenty of advice. There are literally millions of whitepapers, blogs, eBooks, and websites that all aim to show businesses the best way to market for less. However, the most successful of all of them has been ‘49 Quick Ways to Market your Business for Free’ which is available from Amazon and iTunes. The book has been at the top of both companies marketing charts for the past two years and has received more than its fair share of positive feedback from every direction.

The book, by marketing expert Sarah-Jane White, has been lauded on both retail outlets for its excellent tips, easy-to-follow methods, and, of course, the price – the book is available for just £4.99 from iTunes and, for a limited time only, is completely free on Amazon’s online store. With no initial outlay, amateur marketers can pick up some incredibly useful tips, learn some new methods and supplement their existing knowledge with this comprehensive guide filled with invaluable marketing ideas.

Author Sarah-Jane White says, “I am thrilled to see that the eBook has been helping out so many people, and I love to read the reviews from those who have downloaded it and have been able to benefit from the advice within. The marketing advice in it can be priceless for many new entrepreneurs who are starting up their first venture and need ways in which to attract attention and get the exposure they need for their idea to be a success.”

One Amazon review from a delighted reader gives five out of a possible five stars, stating that, with their degree in computing they thought they were well educated in the methods of online marketing. This book, Amazon user ‘Peta’ says, ‘is going to keep [her] busy for the rest of the year, and has not cost [her] a penny in advertising’!

Another happy reader who has utilised the tips could not believe that the book was free, remarking that ‘this is a book for doers, not dreamers’, and affirming that the title offers instant advice on today’s marketing environment. Many of the five-star reviews contain words along the same lines, stating they were surprised how much they learned and incredibly pleased with their download.

The book contains clear and concise tips, and at just fifty pages long, it is not an enormous tome that will take years to get through. Sarah-Jane understands that marketing advice is something that entrepreneurs and those founding their own SMEs need instantly – rather than trawling through pages of pointless examples and methodologies, they need simple tips that they can put into action immediately. She says, “I tried to create the book with the modern audience in mind, ensuring that all of my tips and helpful pointers are as concise as possible. No modern businessperson has time to read an encyclopaedia of marketing information, and the feedback I’ve received so far from this book tells me that my hunch was spot on!”

The book is available from iTunes and Amazon, and can be found in the top ‘Sales and Marketing’ chart positions. Click the links to find out more: