Saverplaces The Place For Local Business Vouchers

An exciting local discount site is helping UK residents get the very best deals on an assortment of goods and services, tapping into the coupon culture that has swept the country as cash-strapped Brits attempt to save money on their everyday purchases.

Saverplaces is the new online hotspot for local businesses to publicise the latest offers and deals to their community, with discounts and limited-edition sales for consumers shopping both online and in-store. Statistics have shown that 16.3% of all UK smartphone owners have used their devices to look for deals, with experts predicting that an incredible 31bn e-coupons will be redeemed worldwide by 2019, almost doubling from 2014’s figure of 16bn.

With multitudes of deals available across the UK, Saverplaces helps local businesses grow their customer base by encouraging customers to engage with them through these vouchers and offers. Many of these customers will then consent to further updates or communications for the businesses they buy from, opening a new prospect for these local providers seeking to expand their customer base.

Will Frankling from Saverplaces says, “What better way to attract new customers than with an array of discounts and deals that could see them transform from prospects to regulars over time? Sites like this are the future for savvy shoppers and local businesses alike, helping the consumers to find excellent offers, while smaller businesses benefit from increased custom and a marketing method with a proven high ROI.”

Will adds, “We’re also currently looking for new franchisees to expand the services, operating Saverplaces in their local area. This provides a welcome boost for smaller businesses and giving consumers access to a fantastic range of coupons, discounts and deals. Anyone interested in the possibility of becoming a franchisee should get in touch with our team for more information on this exciting opportunity.”

Currently the site offers excellent deals in a number of select areas across the country, but with further franchisees, the service will expand to the far reaches of the UK, connecting more and more consumers with the deals that will keep their bank balances looking healthy. As coupon culture continues to increase among the public, and businesses become more attuned with the idea of online marketing methods, Saverplaces will provide a vital service for both parties, helping consumers and businesses get the best value for their money.

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