SEO Advertising: Driving Traffic to your Site with Quality Content

Search engine optimisation advertising is a term much used in the cyber world, and it is a buzz word within the digital marketing field. Good SEO is vital in order to get your site on the first page of a search engine when the results of a search come up.  One study showed that around 60 per cent of Google search engine traffic comes from the first three search positions on Google.

There is a common misconception amongst those who aren’t in the know that SEO advertising through key words in promotional articles works in the same way as standard advertising, when it fact it is very different.  If you advertise through promotional articles you do not get instant responses, these will more than likely give you targeted and valuable traffic that will come to your website in a steady stream. The traditional way of advertising is to try and reach enough people and hope that a percentage of them will respond by visiting your site, buy whatever you are selling, be it a tangible item or a service, then repeat their business, whilst also recommending you through word of mouth.

By contrast, SEO advertising through articles or blogs is a whole different ball game, and finding the right balance to make sure your website is on the first page of a search engine is trickier that it sounds. It may seem to the novice that to saturate the articles with keywords will get the best results, when in fact search engines pick up on this kind of saturation and you could well find yourself languishing way down in Google’s index simply due to putting the keywords or phrases too many times into an article.

A well written, high quality evergreen article will stay online forever, and with the right SEO it will drive traffic to your site and you will reap the benefits of taking the time to make sure the article has just the right balance of content and keywords. Once people have read your article, a percentage will create links to it from their own blogs, driving even more traffic to your site, and generating even more sales. Once it hits the social media sites it has every chance of going viral, and this is the kind of publicity every company on the internet dreams of.

Finding the perfect SEO keywords is the key to successful SEO advertising, so do your research. Type a term into a search engine to determine what comes up. Generic terms are too vague; you need a term specific to your website and what it offers. Write the article using that keyword no more than 5 times in a 500 word article, and either post it to your blog or onto a website. Once it is posted, type in the term again and see where you are. This may need several tweaks to get the best results but it is time well spent.

There is a lot of good advice available online which will help you with search engine optimisation, and complete beginners would do well to have a look at these before starting. This is just a general guide to the process, and if it was so easy that it could be covered in 500 words then everyone on the net would be a huge success, and that simply isn’t the case.