How Shrink Wrap Equipment Solutions Can Optimise Your Packaging Needs

Many different industries now use shrink wrap machines for a number of reasons which could include protection, function or even their optical qualities because apart from anything else, the process offers a brilliant way of reducing their carbon footprint which is something that all businesses have to take very seriously in these modern times.

Shrink wrapping products is an efficient and effective packaging process. The shrink wrap being made out of a polymer plastic film which when heated shrinks and envelops the items so they are tightly bound together which in turns means they are kept ultra-clean, stable and super well protected from the elements and ready to be transported or shipped out to customers.

Industrial shrink wrapping machines are cost-effective, they increase productivity

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There are several types of shrink wrapping machines available on the market and with the advent of the Internet these days it is much easier to find a design that fits your needs as well as a budget. If you opt for a manual shrink wrapping machine they are much easier to transport with the other advantage being they do not need any sort of specialist assembly when installed in a workplace. However, there are some extremely sophisticated machines on the market which are more than capable of handling much higher volumes a lot faster which in turn means they are very cost-effective items of equipment. These machines prove themselves over and over again to be invaluable when it comes to shrink wrap packaging solutions when larger volumes needed to be securely packaged and shipped out.
Versatile & Adaptable
The fact that shrink wrap packaging offers incredible versatility has meant it has become one of the most popular packaging solutions that many industries around the globe have now adopted. Poly olefin films are designed in a variety of formulations for use in an array of specialised and general applications. From manual processes which includes packaging, unitising and bundling to automated processes where sophisticated equipment is programmed to carry out the work efficiently, effectively and extremely quickly. These machines are more commonly used by companies that boast a large output of goods on a daily basis because they optimise the processes which in turn increase productivity.

For the smaller business, there are several options that would certainly improve not only efficiency but also add a professional touch to the way the business is run and therefore perceived. The technology behind a shrink wrap machine does vary from machine to machine but the one consistent aspect of using this type of packaging solution is that it offers much greater efficiencies whilst at the same time providing a more dependable and reliable way to pack goods which automatically enhances performance.
Optimising Storage Space
By using shrink wrap packaging solutions instead of bulkier alternatives namely corrugated packaging and boxes, you are in effect reducing the amount of space required in a storage area which again is a money saving aspect that makes a difference to fixed overheads and therefore profitability.
The Benefits of Using Shrink Wrap Packaging Solutions
When it comes to reducing a carbon footprint and therefore helping the environment, shrink wrap packaging solutions offer businesses the opportunity to work in a more conscientious and responsible manner. The inherent make up of shrink film means there is less of an impact on the environment and as such it is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly packaging options around. The film is ultra-thin as well as being light with some examples of the benefits to using it being as follows:

Polyolefin films are thin which means they create far less waste and this in turn means less impact on landfills once the film has to be discarded
There is an option to opt for biodegradable shrink wrap films which eliminates the issue of land fill waste altogether

Operating and Equipment Benefits
Due to the ultra-light, thin and resilient qualities of the Polyolefin films used in shrink wrapping solutions many benefits and advantages can be had in a variety of applications and processes. This covers operation performance and their cost effectiveness. Some examples of these would be as follows:

Rolls of shrink wrap film are a lot easier for employees to move around the workplace and install in machines as compared to other more bulkier and often heavier packaging solutions. This in turn reduces the risk of an employee from being injured whilst at work. Because rolls are lighter and easier to manoeuvre around a workplace, it helps reduce worker fatigue which in turn means enhanced productivity
It allows for more items to be stored in one area which in turn means a business can reduce the area of warehousing space needed to pack products and store them ready for shipping out to clients. They could also benefit from lower shipping and transport costs because in many applications it would be possible to fit a greater volume of items in one single unit thus reducing shipping costs per unit
For bigger businesses like warehouses, large retail stores and distributions centres, shrink wrap packaging solutions are ideal due to the fact they produce far less waste which would then have to be disposed and allows for a valuable space saving solution at the same time
In comparison to corrugated packaging materials, shrink films use around 75 per cent less material
Shrink wrapping equipment takes up a lot less floor space than other types of packaging solutions which is invaluable when space is limited or a problem

Shrink wrapped food is well protected and easy to see if it has been tampered with

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The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping Products & Other Items
Being able to package and ship multiple items into one single unit offers a business the chance to save a great amount of money in several ways which includes being able to reduce the time and space needed to package and ship out multiple items separately. Other benefits include the following:

Items and goods are well protected from moisture – an invaluable factor in the food and beverage industry because moisture can lead to products becoming contaminated
Shrink wrapping is invaluable for the retail industry as it allows for goods and items to remain intact and as such buyers can check to see if any goods they want to purchase have been tampered with or not
There is a choice of thicknesses, colours as well as visual options
Shrink wrapping machines are cost-effective and an efficient method of packaging that enhances productivity

What about Applications?
Shrink wrap packaging solutions can be used in a variety of applications from binding a large volume of products into a single unit so it is easier to handle, manoeuvre and ship out. However, it is also extremely efficient when used to wrap smaller items like CDs, DVDs and even software but with this said it is the ideal packaging solution for over-sized items such as industrial equipment, boats and cars.

In a retail environment, shrink wrap packaging solutions are used more for their visual qualities because this automatically enhances the look of a product when it is on display. When it comes to industrial applications where heavy-duty films need to be used to protect large items when they are being stored or shipped, the process has proved to be the most effective packaging methods because it keeps everything under wraps and safe from exposure to the elements when being transported and shipped.

Applications include shrink wrapping small items to much large ones like boats

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Advantages of Using Shrink Wrap Packaging in a Nutshell

Shops and other retail outlets today need to stock multi-pack items and as such shrink wrap packaging is an invaluable solution that enhances the look of the products
Lower shipping costs because more products can be placed in a single unit
End-product disposal is greatly reduced – not so much waste ends up in land fill sites
Storage space is reduced in warehouses, distribution centres and other workplaces
Shrink film is more cost-effective than other packaging solutions and this includes corrugated packaging
Rolls are smaller and lighter therefore require less space when stored and are much easier for employees to handle therefore this reduces the risks of injury whilst at work
Goods and products are protected from moisture, dust as well as dirt keeping them in pristine condition when being transported and shipped then placed on display in a retail outlet or other
Goods can be stored in refrigerators, ice or even water when they have been shrink wrapped
There is an option to use printed shrink film which offers an attractive alternative and which can help increase brand awareness
75% less material is needed for packaging solutions when using shrink film over other packaging solutions
It is much easier to see if goods and products have been tampered with if they have been shrink wrapped
Shrink wrapping equipment takes up a lot less floor space than other packaging equipment packaging solutions

Optimising Performance in a Cost Effective Way
Investing in a shrink wrap machine can optimise performance whilst at the same time offering a quality of packaging solutions that will work out much more cost-effective in many ways. This includes cutting down shipping and transport costs which is essential in business today if you want to remain competitive. In a fast moving business world where first impressions count, shrink wrapping goods and products enhances the image of a company and helps establish a brand name if customised film options are used to package a product or item.

Investing in a shrink wrapping machine will enhance your productivity whilst at the same time cutting down your transport and shipping costs. It allows a business to remain competitive whilst at the same time allowing a business to work in a cost effective manner that shows it is also aware of the impact they make on the environment.
There are many advantages and benefits to shrink wrapping products and goods so they remain in pristine condition until such time as the packaging is opened. Whether it is smaller items or large scale industrial machinery, boats and cars that need to be protected from the elements, shrink wrapping them is the most efficient and cost effective method of achieving this and the process enhances the image you would like to put across to customers.