Silent Disease at your Desk

Varidesk- To combat the workplace killer

Health Ministers have been reaching out to the public launching campaigns to encourage them to participate in more exercise. But research shows that even those that spend hours at the gym are hurt by too much inactive time sitting at the office.  In fact, the way that the body processes fats and sugars while sitting has been linked to an increase in issues with heart disease and diabetes. Whether it is sitting at work, in front of the television, in the car, or any other area humans are the most sedentary that they have ever been in history.

The answer for many office workers comes in the shape of a stylish new product, VARIDESK. By allowing workers to easily adjust the height of their monitor and keyboard, VARIDESK gives people the freedom to switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. As well as reducing the negative impacts of prolonged sitting, introducing standing periods to a working day results in improved blood circulation which increases levels of energy, concentration and productivity.

Dublin based physical therapist, Mark O’Brien says “I am seeing a huge rise in the number of people attending my clinic with posture related complaints that have developed as a result of prolonged sitting. Just getting up off your backside for an extra three to four hours per day while at work and at home can reduce these problems.”

Studies into the risks of prolonged sitting and the benefits of standing have revealed fascinating insights, such as:

Sitting causes a sharp reduction in the activity of lipoprotein lipase, which breaks down fats and makes them available to muscles as fuel. Consequently, if you sit for more than 23 hours per week you are 64% more likely to die of heart disease. (Source: Ergonomics)
The constant muscle activity of standing allows the body to keep blood sugar levels stable, which is proven to help maintain concentration and focus. (Source: Ergonomics)
By standing for 3 hours per day, over the course of a year office workers will burn an amount of extra calories that is equivalent to running 10 marathons. That is 8lbs of fat burned each year, just by a slight change to working habits.(Source: BBC)
Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo da Vinci were all famous advocates of standing desks. (Source: The Economist)

Because standing all day can also have negative impacts on health, VARIDESK also comes with an innovative free app, with a personalised plan to remind users when they should be switching between sitting and standing. With its spring-assisted smooth lifting mechanism, users can change position without disturbing their cup of coffee, let alone the flow of their day.

Standing desks are popular in trendy offices from Silicon Valley to Scandinavia, but with prices ranging from £800 to £2,500, they are out of the reach for many small businesses and home office users. At just £275, VARIDESK offers a solution that is not only affordable, but also requires no self-assembly or complicated operation.

VARIDESK, the adjustable height sit/stand desk is available now in two different sizes from