Solo SEO Hero advises to stay within Google’s Guidelines for improved business rankings

An online business warrior has launched Solo SEO Hero, a free platform to offer expert, non-fluff advice on blogging, digital marketing and SEO to help others improve their rankings.

Search Engine Optimization is vital for improving a business’s visibility in the digital world. The majority of web users are most likely to click on the first five suggestions a search engine generates, and an effective SEO strategy enables a brand to climb the rankings.

Solo SEO Hero began as part of Wix SEO Hero Challenge, and after four years’ experience in the field, founder Naman Nepal decided to take the page further as a permanent SEO service blog and digital newsletter.

Naman Napal, founder of Solo SEO Hero said, “I have run a variety of different websites for different sectors, targeting customers across the globe in both e-commerce and Amazon affiliate fields, so I have a very solid background in SEO. I have experience in link building and keyword search, and I have helped several businesses meet the challenges of the digital age and thrive online. I have launched the website as a stage to share my knowledge.”

Nepal is a strong advocate of Google’s Guidelines when it comes to improving rankings. The SEO industry is evolving, as it isn’t as simple to fool search engines as it was once upon a time. He advises following the guidelines on producing fresh, original and targeted content on a regular basis to help stay ahead of competitors on search results.

Unfortunately, as businesses rely more and more on a successful online presence to survive, some are turning to methods such as Black Hat SEO to boost their rankings, something Google and many other search engines are working to root out. With more spam and security breaches, Google is urging webmasters to follow their guidelines and stick to the rules, something Nepal says will pay off over underhand techniques.

“Black Hat SEO might work in the short-term, but eventually if a business is using this method they will burn out, and it will come back to bite them. Google’s Guidelines exist for a reason, and it is more lucrative to play the long game when it comes to SEO in the end.”

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