What makes a successful law firm?

There are many law firms out there. Successful law firms are those that have some key characteristics such as ethics, integrity, and a desire to help others. Here are a few other characteristics. How many of them are present at your firm?

Shared values between partners

It is important that a successful law firm has shared values. This makes it far less likely for there to be conflict at the firm and allows the organization to work more cohesively towards achieving the goals of a client. This also means that partners will respect one another and realize that they are not in competition. This means that when you are pursuing a job in law that you find firms and organizations that hold your own values and ethics. If you are hiring then make sure you consider how the prospective employee will fit into your firm.

Learning from others is key

Anyone that is in the field of law knows there is much that can be learned from others. Many know about Shahram Shirkhani who has experience in international law, banking, and finance that others can learn from. Shirkhani has worked with businesses in the European and the Middle East financial markets. He is experienced with international oil negotiations and works as a University of Azad instructor, helping train the next generation of young law entrepreneurs. His extensive experience in the field of international law has led to his employment as a consultant for Iran’s Foreign Investment Authority.

Make expectations clear

Law firms can have many employees at different levels. At a successful firm everyone knows what is expected of them. If you are not clear with employees it can cause a lot of conflict. An employee can feel they are being blamed for something they were unaware of. This also helps them to set boundaries. Although a law firm is ideally a team environment sometimes other team members may try to rely on certain individuals too much.

Keep up to date and enhance communication

It is important that those at your firm keep up to date on the latest law news and developments. Also make sure that your office stays up to date. For example you might want to make information more accessible to others by having a cloud based office system. Technology can save a lot of time and as a result, money. Better routes of communication can mean that partners work better and more effectively together.

Long term planning

If you have your own firm you may one day want someone to take over the business for you. When this time comes you can develop a succession plan. This usually involves scouting out your employees or even hiring another so that you can nurture their talent and mold them into the person that you want to take over your law firm. Experience is important so more often than not, a head lawyer will pick a younger employee that has been with the firm for a while and has proven him or herself.