Team Colours urging local businesses to provide funding and sponsorship to sports teams

Following a report in the Fenland Citizen, Team Colours have come out in support of more local businesses providing funding and sponsorship to sports teams of all ages in a bid to strengthen relationships within communities up and down the country.

With prices for league registrations and the rental of training facilities constantly on the rise, it is becoming more and more difficult for amateur sports teams to cover their costs and avoid folding. In light of this, the Cambridgeshire-based publication has called for businesses to invest in local communities in order to take some of the financial burden away from these sporting organisations by way of sponsorship deals.

Adult and youth football teams, for example, will have large squads that all need to be kitted out in match day and training attire. Through paying the club to put the name of a company or brand on the front of a shirt or the back of jacket, the report states, both parties will reap the rewards. On the one hand, the sports team will gain a welcome financial boost whilst on the other, businesses will be able to achieve invaluable exposure within the local community.

A spokesperson for Team Colours, market leaders in the production of bespoke sporting attire, has released a statement following the report. ‘Collaboration within communities has always been an integral factor of why amateur leagues across the country are able to continue to thrive.

‘With the accessibility and affordability of customised sports kits nowadays, there is little reason why businesses shouldn’t want to take the opportunity to support these local sporting organisations whilst also gaining some local publicity, too. Our personal design tool allows branding to be transferred onto our clothing easily and professionally, with no limit in terms of colour or style. This would allow any logo or textual information to be displayed clearly on any item of custom clothing we would produce.

‘The local community in Fenland has taken a positive step to ensure these links are not broken down, and hopefully their report will inspire many more businesses to renew ties with local teams through sponsorship deals. At Team Colours, we are completely behind their initiative, and hope that many companies take the opportunity to harness the potential that relationships with local sporting organisations can provide.’

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