Tesco to start selling top end tablets

The days when supermarkets stuck to selling just food and drink are now over, and rumours are revolving that we will be seeing more computer hardware at Tesco, in the form of tablets. Sunday Times reported that Tesco has plans to have high-end tablets on their shelves for the holidays, especially Christmas.

Tesco did not release a comment nor a statement regarding the launch, but sources claim that the launch may be similar to the Kindle Fire release that came packed with music, books and films, as well as the supermarket giant’s banking apps and digital grocery, and the Blinkbox, its TV and film streaming service.

Although there is not much known about the device to be launched, there’s a strong bet that the tablet will be Android powered, and will most likely be a branded version of Samsung and Google tablets.

This is an interesting move and is the first time a supermarket will be moving to the tablet genre. But this move makes sense, considering Tesco’s 2011 purchase of Blinkbox. Tesco has lost out on its once healthy book and DVD trade to Amazon and Apple, so if this launch works, it will put the supermarket back into the game.

Tesco Chief Executive Philip Clark stated that they want to appeal to youngsters, as they will eventually become the homemakers. Whether this venture into hardware works out or not, no one can yet say, but what is certain is it has to look posh and dazzling to draw the shoppers in, and divert their attention from the very stylish Kindle and iPad.

MT doubts that Johnny Ives, the much lauded designer at Apple, has plans to moonlight for the supermarket giant any time in the near future, but does not consider it as such an impossibility.