The Global Trends Fieldbook: From Data to Insights to Action

Strategy Dynamics Global SA, recently announced launch of The Global Trends Fieldbook: From Data to Insights to Action, authored by Tracey Keys and Professor Tom Malnight. A companion to The Global Trends Report 2013, which outlines the major trends reshaping the world, The Global Trends Fieldbook focuses on the critical steps of moving from data to insights to taking actions today to prepare organizations for the future. As Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever said: “It’s very clear that the parameters here are rapidly changing. I believe that it is essential for any business that is going to grow and be successful over the long term to always think carefully about how to get permission from society to grow and be successful.”

Drawing on a wealth of case studies and examples, as well as additional analyses of some potential game changing trends, the Fieldbook looks at how organizations around the world are moving from data on trends to action. Examples include: BMW, Tencent, DSM, Amazon, and Infosys; the governments of Singapore, Denmark, Ireland, South Africa and Vietnam; NGOs including Realdania, WWF, Synergos, the Granny Cloud, and Causes; and communities in Medellín, Germany, and Bogotá as well as those involved in crowd-driven activities and the sharing economy. The learning from these examples is partnered with insights from extensive interviews with CEOs around the world for the book ‘Ready? The 3Rs of Preparing Your Organization for the Future,’ to develop suggestions for what senior leaders of businesses, governments, NGOs, and societies and communities can practically do today to prepare for what will be an increasingly uncertain, ambiguous and volatile future.

The Fieldbook is an invaluable guide to the most important steps organizations should take to tackle the emerging game changers, such as the increasing power of the crowd, disruptive technologies, and demands for responsible capitalism. “One of today’s biggest challenges for leaders is delivering in the short term while preparing for the changes global trends will bring for the future. This is why this Fieldbook is designed to promote action,” says Tracey Keys, co-author of the report. The only way for an organization to stay ahead is to change faster than the pace of change in its environment. This requires applying the eight principles of thinking differently, highlighted in the Fieldbook, including: Thinking first from the outside-in, then inside-out, Focusing on co-creation or Aligning purpose and profit.

Preparing an organization for the future is not an easy task. It means thinking differently, having a point of view on the future and taking action today.