The UK’s Leading Eco Furniture Company Calls for Businesses to Grow Greener

The nation’s ethical fitted furniture provider Empatika is calling upon the corporate sector to allow business and nature to prosper together in unison.  Britain is finally edging its way out of one of the deepest recessions in European history. The development of business initiatives is a useful tool restoring financial vitality to the economy but the demand for cheap business has left a devastating impact upon the environment. It is increasingly important to promote business growth alongside protecting nature and prioritising both as essential.

This growing awareness for environmental accountability has become an international preoccupation.  The WWF has recorded devastating figures, such as half of the world’s forests have already been felled and only a tenth of remaining forest is protected. Every year an area of 130,000 square kilometres – a space the size of England – is destroyed. It has become essential for businesses to source sustainable produce that does not devastate natural environments.

Empatika, a leading furniture company, is a front runner in pioneering new environmentally-conscious business. Its ethical approach to business has sparked a trend in conscious consumerism with the consumer focusing on making virtuous, quality choices which safeguard the environment from unnecessary harm.

Empatika source its wood from sustainable British forests rather than importing from abroad as 80% of other businesses do. Fitting furniture that has been produced from sustainable avenues, Empatika is focused on the future with a variety of eco-options to choose from.

Tristan Titeux, Founder of Empatika said, “We have been consuming selfishly to the point that our environment can no longer cope with such mindless consumerism. We take from the earth at a quicker rate that we can restore it. The repercussions for the future are cataclysmic. People are catching on and becoming concerned; they are understanding that they have a key role to play. Consumers can change business and business can change consumers – the two interlink. Responsible business breeds responsible consumers and vice versa, and we are proud of our status as UK frontrunners in environmentally conscious carpentry.

“Our industry is responsible for so much waste. It doesn’t need to be so. We want to get people into the habit of making environmentally conscious choices when they buy furniture, food and everything in-between. It’s at the core of who we are as a company. You can have a successful business and be conscious about the environment around you. We have to make businesses work for the environment, not against.”

Empatika’s fresh, clean designs promote sustainable, healthy materials that benefit the environment, businesses and consumers.  From bespoke bookcases to fitted wardrobes, Empatika work closely with clients to provide a custom service, and allow clients to choose the level of eco-friendly materials used.

Mr Titeux added, “Everything interconnects. The good news is, we can all do our bit, starting with the choices we make as consumers.”

Empatika are probably the nation’s most eco-friendly and morally conscious carpentry company, and are leading the way for many other businesses. To find out more about Empatika and their ethical values, visit

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