Understanding the Royal Mail’s Postcodes

Decoding Postal Digits of our Favourite Delivery Service
Every town in the UK, from Avesbury to Zouch has a postcode. That’s because just over 40 years ago the Royal Mail set out to put Britain on track to effective delivery service. Millions of letters and packages are sent everyday – love letters and business proposals alike, a postcode can tell a lot of stories or keep scintillating secrets.  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of complete postal code allocation, the Royal Mail wants to let us know what all those stories tell us about our daily lives from healthiest postcodes to least affordable addresses and even love.

The Royal Mail hired the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) to conduct a study on five elements of our daily lives and how those are influenced by where we live.

What does your alphanumeric code say about you? Here is a look at the postal codes that carry with them the best and worst in health, love, cost of living, age and work.
B4 you get old try Birmingham
Birmingham’s B4 is the youngest postal code with an average age of 22. Leeds leads second place for youngest digits; L1 – 25, L2 – 25, and L3 – 27. The older generations prefer life on the Isles with the Isle of Wight and Isle of Anglesey topping the elderly charts.
Qualified workers are not the most employable
While 7 out of 10 postcodes set Londoners as the most qualified workforce, the lowest unemployment levels are found west in Frome and Somerton where the jobless only make up 1.3% of the population. Back to Birmingham and B3’s unemployment is a staggering 81%; the national average is 6.9%.
Not a chippy in Belgravia
Rich people who eat only gluten free and farm fresh are also the healthiest. One of central London’s wealthiest boroughs, Belgravia SW1X has the healthiest diet in Britain. This conclusion comes from the Government’s statistics on relative deprivation.
London you Scrooge
The ten most expensive postcodes in the UK are London, London, London, London, London, London, London, London, London, and London! Birmingham’s B2 takes the number two (outside of London) spot.
To death do us part our postcode
What is love? No not the Haddaway song, but how do you measure love on a postal scale? It’s a traditional stance, but the number of married couples per address was used to mark this postcode. And you’re wondering, what postcode has the fewest cheating husbands? Poole BH18, a seaside retirement community in Dorset. Bingo, scratch cards, seagulls and happy marriages.

Wherever you reside, your postcode tells the stories of your community. Send your loved one a postcard across alphanumeric digits that tell of wealth, unemployment and even a happy marriage or two.