Use of Hydraulic Presses in Business

What is a hydraulic press?
A hydraulic press is a machine that has a bed or a plate in which the metallic material is placed so that it can be crushed, straightened or moulded.

A hydraulic press is used for almost all industrial purposes. But basically it is used for transforming metallic objects into sheets of metal. In other industries, it is used for the thinning of glass, making powders in case of the cosmetic industry and for forming the tablets for medical use

The concept of the hydraulic press is based on Pascal’s theory, which states that when pressure is applied on fluids in an enclosed system, the pressure throughout the system always remains constant. In simple words, a hydraulic press is a machine that makes use of the pressure exerted on the fluids to crush something.
Some uses of a hydraulic press
Used in a variety of industry processes, the following specific examples give some details of the diverse range of applications.

Hydraulic presses for crushing cars – A hydraulic press is the heart of any car crushing system. In this process, a hydraulic motor applies a large pressure on the fluids into the cylinders. The fluid pressure makes the plates rise and with a large force, the plate is driven on the car thereby crushing it.

Hydraulic presses for the production of fat-free cocoa powder – While processing the cocoa beans, a liquid known as chocolate liquor is derived. For making fat-free cocoa powder, this liquid is squeezed out in a hydraulic press. After this stage, this liquid is processed further to make a powder. The powder thus derived is cocoa powder, which is fat-free.

Hydraulic presses for making blades – In the process of making swords, a hydraulic press is used to give a flat shape to the raw steel
Benefits of the hydraulic press
Unlike their mechanical counterparts, hydraulic presses can compress any material to a full extent. Also, hydraulic presses take only half of the space that the mechanical ones take because they have the ability to compress a large pressure in a cylinder having a less diameter.

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