Virtual Business Partnership Launch Motivational Office Art Crowdfunding Campaign

Mundane offices are set to receive a much needed dose of motivation with the launch of a Kickstarter campaign put together by two entrepreneurs with an exclusively virtual relationship. Motivational, inspiring and inherently energetic, ThinkBoxOutside posters are specially designed for office environments. Featuring playful slogans such as ‘Eat, sleep, Sell, Repeat’ and ‘When Nothing Goes Right, Go Left,’ the posters are the ideal way to inject a little motivation into an otherwise ordinary workplace wall.

While they have managed to put together a lucrative business plan, founders Sam Rose and Alex Keating have never met face-to-face. Their relationship has been entirely digital, Sam contracting Alex as a freelance digital designer.

After years of successful website and advertising material projects, the pair decided to build on their success and try their hands at something fresh and exciting. Eight emails later and the boys were armed with a clear vision and a mutual determination to turn ThinkBoxOutside into a thriving online enterprise. Blending Rose’s corporate know-how with Alex’s creative flair, the dynamic design duo has built up an imaginative new business concept. The partnership is a profound example of the power of digital technology and the emergence of a new age of business and communication.

Sam Rose, co-founder of ThinkBoxOutside says “We’ve done all the initial legwork and it’s now up to the public to help get ThinkBoxOutside up and running. Alex and I have got some clever and rapid marketing routes up our sleeves which we are certain will see the brand explode into the wider corporate market.  We’ve got some fantastic pledge rewards up for grabs so get on board and be a part of the motivational office art revolution!”

Pledges of £2 or more will receive a special ‘thank you’ tweet and pledges of £19 or more will be offered a printed design of their choice. Those contributing £25 will be treated to a bespoke ‘Inspire Creative Thinking’ poster complete with the names of any contributors while those pledging over £49 will enjoy five exclusive designs shipped within one week of the Kickstarter closing date.

Posters will be printed using the best equipment on the market to ensure that each ThinkBoxOutside product is of the highest quality. Equipped with a wealth of design ideas, unique marketing strategies and undying enthusiasm, the pair has all the essential tools to drive their motivational office art business to success.

Alex Keating, co-founder of ThinkBoxOutside says “We already have most things in place to ensure that this campaign is successful, so no challenges there – we just need some momentum to push the brand to the next level.”

The campaign is aiming to reach its £4750 goal by August 22 2014.

To find out more about ThinkBoxOutside and to make a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign, visit the website at: