Reverse Bidding Auction Website For Traders Quotes is a website aimed at revolutionising the industry with a new way to get quotes. All operated online includes reverse auction, a Contract, a combination of text, photos and videos, case resolution centre, blocking and approved trader list, change requests and daily diary logs.

YouKwoteMe allows people to post work they need doing online, with builders and other experts bidding for the projects.

As part of the innovation, users can choose to either allow all traders to bid, only approved traders to bid or for traders to submit realistic quotes for the job.

The CEO and founder of YouKwoteMe, said: “YouKwoteMe has also started to make an impact in the community by helping the local Scouts to build a website by connecting a web developer based in Norfolk to us. This wouldn’t have been possible without using YouKwoteMe. There are many charity project on the pipeline for this year such as to convert a storage room to an office.

YouKwoteMe is easy to use and will save you time and money on your next project.
As a user, you simply post your job details online and simply wait for traders to place bids using the YouKwoteMe reverse auction system, or review bids as they have been submitted to later choose a trader by skill or qualification.

You can even pre-select specific traders or skills before the bidding actually takes place. With YouKwoteMe, you are in control and only you have the final say in who you hire.”

Once a bid is accepted, a reverse bid auction begins with that amount as the starting value. After this ends, the user has 30 days to decide whether they go ahead with the work, at which point a YouKwoteMe contract is signed.

Other functions include traders and users being able to submit change requests, traders highlighting extra costs incurred and users changing the work deadline.

Both sides keep a daily diary log to record progress and payments made, as well as giving each other feedback once the work has been completed.

If there is a dispute between parties then a 30-day allowance is given to reach a deal. If this lapses, the YouKwoteMe disputes resolution centre team steps in to mediate the issue.

YouKwoteMe are carrying out periodical competencies and credit checks to traders. Those approved are awarded with the YouKwoteMe approved trader stamp.